Monday, February 05, 2007

Crackdown in Iraq

US prepares Iraq 'crackdown'
THE US army is preparing an offensive "unlike anything Baghdad has seen", as an Islamist website posted a video of an attack on a US helicopter onto the internet.
Indonesia: Floods kill 20, nearly 340,000 homeless
Suffolk: Britain culls turkeys to quell bird flu outbreak
Controversial: Church defends 'Jesus loves Osama' billboard

DFAT demands mental check-up
THE Federal Government last night asked for an independent assessment of David Hicks's mental health, but admitted the US military was unlikely to agree.
Teenager: MP engulfed in sex storm after Liberal function
Net nanny: Kids bombarded by online porn as filter delayed
Two Aussies shot in Baghdad
TWO Australians have been wounded in Baghdad after insurgents masquerading as Iraqi checkpoint guards opened fire on their convoy with machineguns.
Hicks tells of 'Nazi' conditions
2:09pm David Hicks tells his lawyers that conditions at Guantanamo Bay are "like a concentration camp". more
The Queen and David Hicks
- Union wants wider G20 probe
Blair overrules Church on gay adoption
6:57am No exemption for Catholic agencies from a new UK anti-discrimination law. more
- Stowaway corpse found in jet's wheel well- Cheney to visit Australia
US, Iraqi forces kill 250 militants in Najaf
2:01pm American and Iraqi forces have killed about 250 gunmen from an apocalyptic Muslim cult near the Shi'ite holy city of Najaf. more
- Clinton attacks Bush over Iraq- End war in Iraq, say US protesters
- Ruddock dismisses 'bogus' Hicks charges- Drivers admit ignoring school speed zones
Stowaway found dead in plane
MAINTENANCE crew have found the body of a man in the wheel well of a British Airways Boeing 747 while servicing the jet in LA shortly after its arrival from London.
Iraq: Cult leader and followers killed in Najaf battle
Indonesia: Cavern may hold answers to hobbits riddle
Abuse: 'Pom' whinge taken to UN
Factions clash as Gaza erupts
FACTIONAL clashes flared overnight between the Hamas movement and president Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah party, killing nine people in barely 24 hours.
London: Extradition call for ex-spy's alleged killer
Washington: US to speed up Iraq deployment, says Defence chief
Hicks jail 'a Nazi death camp'
IN the first detailed account from the Guantanamo Bay jail where David Hicks is held, a lawyer for a Washington firm has painted a picture of hellish conditions.
Washington: Celebrities, veterans join thousands in war protest
Tehran: Iran denies centrifuge building claim
Nuclear challenge to climate crisis
PRIME Minister John Howard has used a UN report on global warming to argue that Australia should switch to nuclear power, saying solar and wind power will not be able to meet the country's energy needs.
Guantanamo: US details case against Hicks
Truck blast death toll climbs
A HUGE truck bomb killed 135 people and wounded more than 300 in a market in a Shi'ite area of Baghdad overnight, in the capital's deadliest single attack.
Suffolk: Bird flu kills 2500 on English farm
Washington: I'll stop the war, vows Clinton
US chopper down in Iraq battle
250 militants have died in battles with US and Iraqi forces on the outskirts of Najaf, where a US helicopter was shot down killing at least two of its crew members.
Dublin: Sinn Fein votes to back Northern Irish police force
Berlin: Nazi leader's country love nest to be put on market
History repeats: Convicts bound for Botany Bay
2000 lives lost in single month
AT least 70 people were killed in Iraq overnight, while security officials said bitter sectarian attacks had claimed the lives of nearly 2000 civilians in January.
London: Publisher goes live with web's first 'wiki' novel
Guantanamo: Saddam death news 'intellectual stimulation'
Spy used for target practice
IMAGES of Russian troops using pictures of poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko for target practice have prompted fresh claims the Kremlin is behind his killing.
London: Blair fundraiser arrested on conspiracy charges
Greece: Olive leaf cancer cure claim sparks violent frenzy

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